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   On behalf of the Greater Detroit Dental Hygienists’ Association, may I welcome you to the GDDHA

website  which displays a bounty of information!

   For the 2018-2019 year, our website makes history by offering the first online Continuing Education (CE)

registration option using PayPal which has been determined user friendly and is secured. Mail in

registration accompanied with a check is still available. The scheduled speakers will bring a variety of

current information which Registered Dental Hygienists (RDHs) can implement to enhance the total health of the patient. Read detailed descriptions that accompany each speaker’s scheduled topic and meeting dates on this website.

   Our component is growing with increased interested RDHs coming onboard as Delegates and Alternates

who are preparing to attend the Michigan Dental Hygienists’ Association House of Delegates (MDHA

HOD), October 5-7 in  Shanty Creek. These attendees will be representing your voice at the state level.

If you have concerns or questions, speak with our Delegates and Alternates so they can take your voice

to the house floor. On our website, review the alphabetical listing of elected 2018 MDHA HOD Delegates and 

Alternates that were selected by our members’ votes.

    Many thanks to GDDHA members who are holding officer positions, committee positions and serving as

members at large on our board. GDDHA members interested in participating on our board are invited to contact me or other board members via an email or a phone call. Manpower/woman power is needed and welcomed! 

Check out the GDDHA website roster  and select your areas of interest.

    A special Task Force finalized the current 2018 revisions for the GDDHA Standards of Operation

Procedures to coincide with our current status of being Incorporated  as a nonprofit organization.

Annual revisions are to be updated as warranted. Anyone desiring a leadership role needs to be knowledgeable of the GDDHA Standards of Operation Procedures as posted on the GDDHA website .

You are invited to attend all of our CE meetings. I look forward to welcoming your attendance!

Professionally Yours,

Shirley H. Stroupe, RDH

GDDHA President




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